Упражнение 33 Unit 2
ГДЗ English Михеева 11 класс - ответы

33. Заполните предложения словами из блока.
Гости – клиенты – пациенты – покупатели – шопоголики - пассажиры
Как правильно называть таких людей!
Те, кто выходят и покупают вещи в магазинах - 1) шопоголики.
Те, кто покупает вещи в конкретном магазине это магазинные 2) покупатели.
Те, кто платит за профессиональные услуги (за исключением медицинских услуг) 3) клиенты.
Те, кто платит за медицинские услуги 4) пациенты.
Гости, остановившиеся в отеле 5) гости.
Те, кто использует транспортные услуги - 6) пассажиры или заказчики.


1. shoppers;
2. customers;
3. clients;
4. patients;
5. guests;
6. passengers
33. Complete the sentences with the words from the box.
What is the right way to call these people!
Those who go out to buy things in shops are 1__
Those who buy things in a particular shop are the shop's 2__
Those who pay for professional services (except medical services) are 3__
Those who pay for medical services are 4__
Those who are staying in a hotel are 5__
Those who use transportation services are 6_or customers.
Phrasal Verb "To carry"
1. to be (get) carried away = to become so excited and involved in sth that you lose control of your feelings or behaviour. Let's not be carried away, they haven't signed the contract yet.
2. to carry on = to continue doing sth. Carry on! You are doing fine. Just carry on with what you were doing.
3. to carry out (often passive) = to do a particular piece of work, research, etc. An investigation is being carried out by the Department of Transport. They are carrying out urgent repairs.
4. to carry over (often passive) = a) to produce a similar effect in the new situation as it had in the old one. Stresses at work can often be carried over into your home life; b) to take sth that you earn or are given in one period of time into the next period of time. You are not allowed to carry over holiday entitlement from one year into the next.
5. to carry through = a) to complete sth that was planned, often despite difficulties or opposition. It's a tough job, and we're relying on you to carry it through; b) to make it possible for someone to deal successfully with a difficult or unpleasant situation. It was my parents' support that carried me through this crisis.

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