Упражнение 7 Unit 2 Секция 2
ГДЗ English Михеева 8 класс - ответы

Английский оригинал текста:
7 A. Read the text and choose the right item1 in the sentences after it.
Why Don’t We All Speak the Same Language?
There is a theory which says that at one time, at the beginning of history all the people of Europe spoke one and the same language. They call it a parent language. Maybe there were two or more parent languages in Europe. At first they belonged to small groups of people. By and by these groups became bigger and went to live in new lands. In their new countries they first spoke their
old language but with time their speech began to sound different. In the new places those people stopped using some of the old words and so they forgot them. The structure of their sentences slowly changed too. They also made new words to speak about new things they found in the new lands. After a long time the changes in words, pronunciation and grammar were so great that their language began to sound like a different one. That was how a new language was born. In just these ways, Spanish, French and Portuguese developed from Latin and English, Norwegian, Dutch and some other languages grew from Old German.
1) A parent language is the language... modern languages developed.
a) from which b) into which
2) At first the parent language belonged to... people.
a) a lot of b) rather few
3) With time bigger groups of people... the new lands.
a) left b) left for
4) In the new lands their language began to....
a) change b) become worse
5) In the new lands people forgot... of the old words.
a) all b) some
6) A new language is born....
a) slowly b) overnight
7) English and Spanish belong to....
a) one and the same group of languages
b) different groups of languages
8) Norwegian and Dutch developed from....
a) Old English b) Old German

B. Listen to the tape and read the text again after it.

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