Упражнение 8 Unit 2 Секция 3
ГДЗ English Михеева 8 класс - ответы

Английский оригинал текста:
8 Complete the sentences using the new words.
1) A. S. Pushkin had more than 20,000 words in his v....
2) My doctor says I must spend a lot of time in the open a....
3) You’re my friend, my only and t... friend.
4) Frank is very busy this week. I am not sure but p... he will find some free time and visit us.
5) What k... of pupil is Helen?
6) М. V. Lomonosov was a great Russian s....
7) V.V. Vernadsky’s s... works are well-known abroad.
8) The new teacher is very p... with children.
9) Our nurse always speaks in a very quiet v....
10) On the 6th of June people bring f... flowers to the monument of A. S. Pushkin in Pushkinskaya Square.
11) Valya is very much interested in s... and t....
12) If you are looking for c..., then Paris is the place for you.

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