Упражнение 9 Unit 2 Секция 4
ГДЗ English Михеева 8 класс - ответы

Английский оригинал текста:
9 The Robinsons live in Britain and the Wilsons live in the US. Their lives are very much the same. They do the same things every day. Read the text about the Robinsons and describe the Wilsons' day. Use American English.
The Robinsons are a British family. They live in Manchester. This is their usual weekday. They get up at 6:30. Tom Robinson goes to the bathroom. He turns on the tap, has a shower, cleans his teeth and puts on his favourite clothes — a dark blue jumper and old grey trousers. Tom is a lorry driver so he doesn’t wear any good clothes to work.
While Tom is dressing, his wife Mary gets his breakfast ready. She cooks eggs on the stove. Tom likes a big breakfast before he goes to work. Mary doesn’t eat much for breakfast — just a cup of coffee and some biscuits after which she puts her favourite sweet in her mouth and washes up.
After breakfast Tom kisses his wife and leaves home at seven. He lias a busy day in front of him. He drives his lorry to the petrol station and starts off. He has lunch at 12:30. He usually has fish and French fries in a small cafe and drinks two mugs of the strongest tea. Tom works until five and returns home at six.
In the morning Mary cleans the flat, takes the rubbish out and puts it in the dustbin standing on the street pavement. Then she goes to the chemist’s where she works. She also comes back home at six.
Tom and Mary like to go out in the evening. They get their old Kord out of the car park and drive to the cinema. They are fond of watching new films and never miss them.

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