Упражнение 11 Unit 2 рабочей тетради
ГДЗ English Михеева 8 класс - ответы

Английский оригинал текста:
11. Read the text and answer the question after it.
Nastya Likes Learning English
Nowadays a lot of people want to know foreign languages. Some of them have become global languages, i.e. languages of the planet.
They help people all over the world to exchange information and to develop understanding. English is one of such lingua franca languages. Sometimes people call English the global language, because nearly in all countries of the world people speak it. Nastya, a thirteen-year-old Russian pupil, explains why she wants to learn English.
“It’s fun to communicate with people from different countries. When you travel abroad, you have to speak a foreign language because not many people there know Russian. If you speak English, you’ll have no problems — they understand it almost everywhere. When I caine to Turkey, I made friends with two girls from England and now I practise my English sending thein e-mails twice a week. ”
To learn English better Nastya reads a lot, listens to songs in English and watches different video-films and satellite TV programmes in English. She also keeps personal vocabulary and often looks words up in her favourite MCMILLAN Dictionary.
1) Why is it important to study foreign languages?
2) What is a global language? What is a lingua
3) What motivates Nastya to learn English?
4) Why do you often have to speak a foreign language when you travel abroad?
5) Do people speak English everywhere in the world?
6) How often does Nastya send e-mails to her friends in England?
7) What does Nastya do to learn Englishbetter?

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