Упражнение 37 Unit 2 рабочей тетради
ГДЗ English Михеева 8 класс - ответы

Английский оригинал текста:
37. Complete this text and answer the question at its end.
Mrs Jones and Mrs Partridge are friends. They 1) have been friends since their childhood. Mrs Jones 2) lives
_ in a house in Putney and her friend 3) rents a flat nearby. Every week they 4) have tea and a nice chat together. That Wednesday Mrs Jones 5) woke up early in the morning and 6) made a tasty cake from flour, cream and butter. At 12 o’clock she7) put the cake and some cookies for her friend into the shopping bag and 8) went to the door. Her favourite cat Duncan 9) looked at her very sadly. “All right, all right, dear, I 10) I’ll take you with me if you 11) behave yourself,” — 12) said Mrs Jones, 13) put the cat into the shopping bag too and 14) left
Do you think Duncan followed her instruction?

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