Упражнение 40 Unit 2 рабочей тетради
ГДЗ English Михеева 8 класс - ответы

Английский оригинал текста:
40. Read the sentences and write down your reaction to show your surprise. Social English Section of your textbook (Step 5, ex. 10, p. 89) may help you.
Example: -— He has drunk three litres of milk!
— Really?
1) White truffles from France are the most expensive food. They cost about ? 780 per kg. _-
2) A sausage-maker in Birmingham once made a sausage that was 9 km long. _-
3) Dolphins have a wide vocabulary of over 32 sounds.
4) Like many other animals, birds have an accurate sense of time. _-
5) Some scientists believe that there are other civilizations in the Milky Way_
6) Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System and is 1,300 times bigger than Earth. _
7) The Chinese believed that dragons formed clouds witli their
breath and brought rain. _.
8) London was a very different place 50 million years ago. It had a hot climate and tropical animals such as hippos and crocodiles lived there. _
9) In the Vatican City no one is born. Married people do not live there. _
10) Snow sometimes falls on the Aliaggar Mountains in the Sahara Desert. _

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