Упражнение g Тесты Модуль 4
ГДЗ Spotlight 11 класс - ответы

G Вы решили написать историю для конкурса в подростковом журнале. История должна называться «Экстремальное приключение». Вы можете использовать план ниже, чтобы написать свою историю (120-180 слов).


Last spring, my family and I were on holiday at our summer house near the coast. We were sailing in perfect weather, when out of the blue, we heard a loud noise.
We had hit a rock and our boat started to fill with water and began sinking. Terrified, my mother turned as white as a sheet, and my father shouted "Robbie, grab the lifejackets!" My brother hurried into the cabin below and brought them up. My father immediately made a distress call, but there was no reply; that was when we realised we were in serious danger.
Some minutes later, the water was up to our knees, and with no other boats around and a faulty radio, we had started to lose hope. Just then, we sighted another boat. What we didn’t know then was that our distress signal had gone out, and the coastguard was on its way.
After the rescue, we were all relieved to be safe and sound and back on dry land. We all knew how lucky we were to be alive.
G You have decided to enter a short story competition in a teenage magazine. The story must be entitled lAn Extreme Adventure’. You may use the plan below to help you write your story (120—180 words).

На этой странице вы сможете найти и списать готовое домешнее задание (ГДЗ) для школьников по предмету Английский язык, которые посещают 11 класс из книги или рабочей тетради под названием/издательством "Spotlight", которая была написана автором/авторами: Афанасьева, Дули. ГДЗ представлено для списывания совершенно бесплатно и в открытом доступе.

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