Упражнение g Тесты Модуль 8
ГДЗ Spotlight 11 класс - ответы

G Журнал путешествий ищет статьи о интересных местах недалеко от города, которое идеально подходят для отдыха на выходных. Присылайте свои статьи, рекомендующие такое место, объясняя, что делает его идеальным для выходных (120-180 слов). Вы можете использовать план ниже.


Beautiful Brighton
Whenever the hustle and bustle of London becomes too much to bear and a weekend break is necessary, Brighton is the place to be. Just 82 kilometres south of London, this seaside resort is ideal for a relaxing and entertaining weekend.
Located on the shores of the English Channel, Brighton can certainly boast about its stunning beach and six-kilometre promenade, which is a must for any visitor wishing to take a relaxing stroll by the sea and enjoy a unique sunset. The beauty of Brighton's colourful landscape never ceases to amaze visitors, all year round.
The town’s centre is buzzing with activity. With its many small antique shops, as well as a huge variety of other shops, Brighton is certainly a shopper’s paradise. For those who are more active, the beachfront is where they will enjoy all sorts of sports. As for entertainment, Brighton offers something for everyone. Whether it is an opera performance or a top nightclub that visitors are looking for, Brighton’s exciting nightlife has it all.
Brighton is simply a fantastic place! Its combination of fun and relaxation offer an unforgettable experience that makes people visit the town again and again.
G A travel magazine is looking for articles on popular places close to the city which are ideal for a weekend break. Send in your article recommending such a place, explaining what makes it ideal for a weekend away (120—180 words). You may use the plan below to help you write your article.

На этой странице вы сможете найти и списать готовое домешнее задание (ГДЗ) для школьников по предмету Английский язык, которые посещают 11 класс из книги или рабочей тетради под названием/издательством "Spotlight", которая была написана автором/авторами: Афанасьева, Дули. ГДЗ представлено для списывания совершенно бесплатно и в открытом доступе.

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