Упражнение 6a Модуль 5a
ГДЗ Spotlight 9 класс - ответы

6a) Какие виды искусств в схеме в вашем языке? Можете ли вы добавить любые другие типы? Что тебе больше нравится/не нравится? Почему?
Виды искусства
гончарное дело
изготовка моделей
рисование балончиком
Я люблю рисовать, потому что это заставляет меня чувствовать себя спокойно.


Другие виды искусства:
wood carving (вырезание из дерева), etching and engraving (травление и гравировка), origami (оригами)
I like photography because I enjoy keeping a record of people and places. I don't like pottery because it's very messy and you get your hands dirty. (Мне нравится фотография, потому что мне нравится запечатлевать людей и места. Мне не нравится гончарное искусство, потому что оно очень неопрятное, и ваши руки в грязи)
6 a What are the types of art in the spidergram in your language? Can you add any more types? Which do you like/don't you like? Why?
I like drawing because it makes me feel relaxed.
В Chimpanzee Art
In 2005, three paintings sold at an auction in London for ?12,000. The painter was a chimpanzee. Congo did the paintings more than fifty years ago when he was three years old. Altogether, he did nearly four hundred drawings and paintings before he died in 1964. Congo was a popular guest on Zootimc, a British television show hosted by animal behaviourist Desmond Morris. In 1957, Morris held an exhibition of 'chimpanzee art', which included some of Congo's work. He wanted to try to understand chimps' ability to be creative, as well as our own human desire for artistic creativity. Congo's art didn't impress everyone, but apparently famous artists Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro were fans of his - both owned one of his paintings!
С Urban Graffiti
Banksy (no one knows his real name) is a British street artist who is famous for his graffiti that has appeared on walls and buildings in cities around the world. He also sometimes holds 'shows' of paintings, usually in warehouses. In February 2007, Sotheby's auction house in London auctioned six of Banksy's works, fetching almost ?400,000 altogether. Later that year, Banksy won an art award, but he didn't turn up to collect it - he prefers to remain anonymous. Despite Banksy's 'success', there are many people who see his work as vandalism rather than art. They see graffiti as ugly, irresponsible and childish and they say Banksy encourages more people to do it. Many city councils remove Banksy's works from their walls but they cannot do anything when it is on private property. In fact, many people want to keep his work on the walls of their building as it adds value to the property because it is considered by many to be a valuable work of art.

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