Упражнение 10 Unit 2 рабочей тетради
ГДЗ English Михеева 8 класс - ответы

Английский оригинал текста:
10. Read the text and choose the right item in the sentences after it.
English and the Age of Information
We all live in the information age. People may have different interests and hobbies — science, music, computers, business or sports — and they can easily get the information they need. Firstly, the Internet, secondly, television and, thirdly, the press are the main sources of information. There is only one problem. Most of this knowledge is in English. Here are some examples of knowledge you can use if you know English.
• Most pages on the Web. That’s over a billion (1,000,000,000) pages of information! Just think of it: learning one language gives you a chance to get almost all knowledge on the Internet.
• Books — on any subjects, from all over the world. Read books by British or American authors, and books translated from other languages. Whatever you’re interested in, you can read about it in English!
• The Press. You can buy English-language magazines and newspapers in every part of the world. You don’t have to look for the American magazines: Time, Newsweek, or the International Herald Ttibune! You can buy them easily.
• Science. English is the key to the world of science. In 1992, 95% of the scientific articles were in English. Only about 50% of them were from English-speaking countries like the USA or Britain.
• News on television. Watch international television networks, such as CNN, International and NBC. Usually they give news much faster, and more professionally, than smaller networks. And you can watch them everywhere in the world.
1) Nowadays it is not to get information you need.
a) fast b) difficult c) simple
2) To read most pages on the Internet you must know_.
a) English b) English and your native language
c) your native language which is not English
3) Time, Newsweek and the International Herald Tribune are_magazines and newspapers.
a) English b) American c) English-language
4) Most scientific articles are written in_
a) the native language of an author b) English c) British
5) _scientific articles are from English-speaking countries.
a) All b) Some c) Half of
6) International television networks send out news _than smaller networks.
a) much quicker b) less professionally c) no worse
7) You can watch international TV programmes, buy English-language magazines and books _
a) mainly in Great Britain b) all over the world
c) mainly in the USA

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